About Us

All Zappas Garage Remote Controls supply all range of garage remote controls allowing easy remote control operation from the comfort of your vehicle.

We ship to anywhere in the country and have over 15 years experience in the Garage Door industry. 

If you are looking for a Replacement Garage Door Remote Transmitter you’ve come to the right place!

We sell almost every brand and make of Garage Door Remote you can find on the market today including, Merlin Garage Remotes, ATA Remotes & Transmitters, B&D Garage Door Remote Controls Securacode Garage Door Transmitters, Tri Tran Door Remotes, All Zappas Garage Door Remotes, All Zappers Garage Remotes, and all kind of Garage Door Transmitters. 

We know that most of you just need a replacement remote or two so please start by simply clicking the picture of your Garage Door Remote Transmitter and follow the prompt. 

In addition to our huge selection of garage door remotes - our primary business - we also cooperate with a garage door fitters and repairers: Oppen & Shut Garage Doors.     

We are the premier online dealer in Garage Door Transmitters and offer a wide range of only the best Garage Door Transmitters on the market today. We'll make sure that you find the correct Garage Transmitter Replacement or Garage Door Transmitter Replacement to meet your needs. We sell Garage Door Remote Transmitters and any kind of Remote Transmitter. Our helpful staff will assist you in finding the best Garage Door product to fit your needs.

All Zappas Garage Remote Controls has many years of Internet sales experience as well. 

You can feel 100 percent comfortable, confident and secure when ordering online via our Secure Checkout System as our system is managed by one of the safest and most reliable provider of ecommerce solutions in Australia.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your new garage door remote control.


All Zappas is a privately owned Australian company. We are No.1 National supplier for replacement garage door remotes.

We stock all Australian major brands; B&D, ATA, Merlin, FAAC & ELSEMA.

Experience makes a difference and with over 15 years experience we have developed extensive knowledge in various brands of access systems and garage automation industry - this has allowed us to assist thousands of customers every year with finding correct remotes and coding them to their garage doors and gates. 

Our company has a strong customer service focus which is also reflected in our Business Vision Statement (see below).

Our business was created from customer’s needs and the difficulty they were experiencing in finding replacement remotes.

With a “all dumb questions are good for sales” customer service approach we have created an industry standard of no jargon and lots of help - to get customers to the remote they need.

Business Vision Statement

For All Zappas to be the helpful Brand nameconsumers think of or are referred to when replacing their garage door remotes.